I'm back. My sessions have been put on hold, for now, as I re-evaluate the intent of this site. If you have been following me since the beginning you will notice a difference in the site. Since my last post in October, I have since moved this site from Bluehost hosting to self-hosting it on a server in my home lab. Also, I moved from Wordpress to Ghost.

Originally, I had planned on creating video content to help new users learn the basics of Linux, and that may still happen, however, the frequency will diminish. I learned the hard way that creating content, especially video content, is extremely time consuming and the little bit of content that I created for this site consumed quite a bit of time, of which I didn't really have already.

Linux is still my passion and I am still learning it myself on a daily basis. Going forward I will continue to use this site to post my experiences in Linux while at the same time, I hope, passing on knowledge that will still be a learning experience for the reader.

Stay tuned. Hopefully I will have another post soon and not months down the road.

Life and Linux